| July 16, 2024

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The Martyrs Memorial, Shaheed Smarak, Satmurti Patna

The Martyrs Memorial, Shaheed Smarak, Satmurti Patna

The Martyrs Memorial or Shaheed Smarak, Patna is also well known sat murti. It built in the memory of seven brave young students decided to forcefully unfurl the national flag on Secretariat building, Patna and were mercilessly shot dead by the British. During the Quit India Movement, Dr. Anugrah Narayan Sinha was arrested while he was trying to unfurl the national flag in Patna. When Dr. Sinha arrested, these seven brave students had desisted to unfurl the national flag on the Secretariat building.

In the memory of these seven brave students, The Martyr’s Memorial built.  The foundation stone of Martyr’s Memorial was laid on August 15, 1947, by the governor of Bihar, Mr. Jairam Das Daulatram. The sculptor Deviprasad Roychoudhury built the bronze statue of the seven students with the national flag. These statues were cast in Italy and later placed here in front of Secretariat building, Patna. It was inaugurated by the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad on October 24, 1956. Later, as a mark of extension to the Martyrs’ Memorial, an adjacent park (near the Eastern gate of Vidhan Sabha), called Amar Jyoti, came up on August 11, 1997, coinciding with the silver jubilee celebrations of country’s Independence.

The name of Seven Martyrs is following with their education and home town:-

1. Umakant Prasad Sinha(Raman Ji) – Ram Mohan Roy Seminary,class IX, Narendrapur, Saran
2. Ramanand Singh – Ram Mohan Roy Seminary, class IX, Sahadat Nagar (at present Dhanarua), Patna
3. Satish Prasad Jha – Patna Collegiate School, class X, Khadahara, Bhagalpur
4. Jagatpati Kumar – Bihar National College, 2nd year, Kharati, Aurangabad
5. Devipada Choudhry – Miller High English School, class IX, Silhat, Jamalpur
6. Rajendra Singh – Patna High English School, matric class, Banwari Chak, Saran
7. Ramgovind Singh – Punpun High English School, matric class IX, Dasharatha, Patna

The name of Seven Martyr

Amar Jyoti

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