| May 26, 2024

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Beautiful images and videos of Barabar Caves, Bihar

Here are some beautiful images and videos of Barabar Caves, Bihar. Barabar Caves are one of the oldest caves in the world. Local people called these caves “Satgharwa”, Satgharwa means seven houses. These caves cliff during the ruling period of Mauryan king Ashoka.

The Barabar Caves are around 25Km north-east of Gaya. A road from Patna – Gaya state highway connect to Barabar Caves. Barabar’s ancient name was Vanabar.
Banavar Gate

Beautiful gate constructed by Bihar tourism, at the starting point on Makhdumpur – Barabar road. You may use this road to go Barabar. Other road to Barabar hills goes near from Bela railway station, but this road is not well maintain. So, use makhdumpur – Barabar road is best option.

Lake on Barabar-Makhdumpur Road

This is beautiful lake near Barabar hills, it is situated on Makhdumpur – Barabar road. You may take a bath in this lake. From here you can view beautiful Barabar hills.

Lomas Rishi Cave, Barabar

Gate of Lomas Rish cave. Due to security reason all caves gate are now closed, you can visit these all caves from out site.

Barabar Caves

Barabar Caves

Barabar Caves

Barabar Caves are made from a single rock.

Far view of shiv mandir, barabar

This is far view of Shiv Mandir, at Barabar hill. In the month of Sawan a small fair held here. Many people from Patna, Gaya, Jahanabad and near by area come here to offer holly Ganga Jal to lord Shiva.

karan chaupar cave, Barabar

One of cave named “Karan Caupar Cave”.

Sudama Cave, Barabar

One of cave named “Sudama Cave”.

Way to Shiv Mandir, barabar

Around 15 years back, there are no good way to go Shiv Mandir, at the top of Barabar hill, but now a very good path with both side railing for the visitors.

Makhdumpur Barabar road.

Visitor visiting Barabar caves.

Video of Barabar Caves with Bararab hills and way of Shiv Mandir.

Beautiful seen of Barabar hills from the Barabar – Makhdumpur road. Most of visitor come here only in the month of Sawan or on the “Mahasivratri day” but if you come here in any session, sure you will enjoy this place.

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