| April 24, 2024

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Kakolat (Nawada) waterfall, a very beautiful picnic spot

Kakolat (Nawada) waterfall, a very beautiful picnic spot

Kakolat waterfall is situated in Nawada district. It is a very beautiful picnic spot. It is around 35 KM from Nawada City. It is very near to Bihar – jharkhand border. The best time to visit the falls is from October to February.This will be after the monsoons when the jungle will be exhibiting its colors in the finest form. In 1997 Kakolat Mahautsav inaugurated by Mountain Man Dasrath Manjhi. The fall is approximately 160 feet (49 m) in height. The scene is panoramic due to all-round green forest area. Kakolat Fall is a popular tourist spot in Bihar. During the summer, people from nearby places come to the falls for picnics. A three day fair is held on an occasion of bishua or chait Sankranti. According to Hindu mythology, Markandeya rishi lived here. In 1994, the pond under the waterfall has been filled, so people could bathe in it comfortably. Since then it has increased its charm more.

The road connect to this place is not in good condition. Bihar government should promote this place as tourist place. If government provides some good facilities here, definitely more visitors will come here. Most of Bihari people don’t know about this place. It only famous around nearby places, but is very beautiful place, if Bihar government take some good steps to promote Kakolat waterfall, Kakolat waterfall will become a very famous tourist place. Other state like Gujrat, Madhya pradesh, Rajasthan promoting their tourist places, but our Bihar government has no time for it. There are many Bihari people are living out site of Bihar for education or job their job. They should let other people to know about tourist places of Bihar. As Bihari people and other people know about this type of places which it not much popular but very beautiful, they sure want to visit these kinds of places.

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