| June 17, 2024

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Modi addresses rally in Chhapra

Modi addresses rally in Chhapra

Modi addresses rally in Chhapra. After see a huge crowd in Madora, Chapra. PM said this is not rally, not railla, this a Pariwartan Mela.

PM attacking on Mahagatbandhan, said we think three partners in Mahagatbandhan. First partner
Big brother Lalu jee, second partner younger brother Nitish jee, third partner madam Soniya jee, but now Mahagatbandhan having fourth partner tantrik. PM asked people, any tantrik will develop Bihar?

PM said, he has 6 programs for Bihar, three programs for Bihar are Road, Electricity and Water. For family three programs are education, job and medicine. He said no one wants to go outside for job, but due to their need, people of Bihar have to take step to leave Bihar for education and job.

PM also remembered about Madora industries, including sweetness of Madora’s toffees. PM compare Nitish Kumar and late PM Chandrasekhar, Chandrasekhar jee left congress and joined hand with Jai Prakash Narayan jee and Nitish left Jai Prakash Narayan jee and join hand with congress for the power.

PM request to people of Chapra to vote in favor of NDA candidates. After introduce NDA candidates, PM asked is any candidate name left to announce? If left, it will be a head line in media. PM also remembered, how Lalu Yadav gives warning to a person in his rally when proper sound was not coming through mice. PM also said for Siwan district, ticket distributed from jail is this help for development?

After this rally, PM fly for Hajipur rally.

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