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Pitru paksha or Pitri paksha pind daan fair at Gaya

Pitru paksha or Pitri paksha pind daan fair at Gaya

Pitru paksha pind daan fair at Gaya held every year atduring 16-lunar day period, in krishna paksha of month of Ashwin. During this period Hindu people offer prayers and perform certain rituals for their ancestors. Shraddh is one of the most significant time to remember our ancestors and pray for the departed souls to rest in peace.

Following types of PInd daan offers at Gaya

• Ekodrishti Shradh
• Vrihad Shradh
• Tripindi Shradh
• Narayan Bali Shradh
• Nagbali Shradh
• Pitra Dosh Nivaran

Following items are use for the Pind daan:-

• Ghee (purified butter)
• Rice
• Gangajal (water of river Ganga)
• Mustard Oil
• Wheat
• Salt
• Steel utensils
• Shoes, socks or chappals
• Clothes (towels, Lungi, kurta)
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Kali Til (sesame seed) and milk

During Pitru paksha Hindu people avoid following things

• Hindu people avoid buying any new clothes and goods during the time of Pitru Paksha.
• Any auspicious event like marriage, or birth ceremony is completely prohibited during the time of Shraadh.
• Try to avoid having a haircut during the sixteen days of Shradh.
• Restrain from eating non vegetarian food, alcohol and tobacco during the time of Shraadh.
• Try to avoid eating at others’ house during the time of Shraadh. It is considered that if you eat (salt debt) at someone’s home their Pitru is transferred to the host. This can only be removed by balancing the act or through a remedial Pooja.

Around 12 to 15 Laces people come Gaya and offer pind daan to their ancestors at Gaya. Vishnu temple, Akshay,Vat,Phalgu and Punpun river, Ramkund, Sitakund, Brahm Mangalpuri, Kagbali are places where pind daan offers at gaya.
Gaya is well connected with Road, Rail and Air. Gaya Junction is situated at main Delhi Howrah line.

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