| July 16, 2024

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Gaya is a major pilgrimage city in Bihar for Hindus, Jain and Buddhist religions.The city named after Gaya Sur son of Tripura sur.  He was meditating for 10,000 years on  Kolahal mountain.

Lord Vishnu fulfilled his three wishes of Gaya sur:-

1. The location of meditation and nearby area to be known as Gaya.

2. Whoever die his burning should be done here nearby Falgu river.

3. Whoever die for Moksha Pind Daan should be done here.

Three most important historical locations to offer Pind Daan at Gaya:-

1. Narayan Shila at Haridwar considered as navel of Lord Vishnu.

2. Vishnupad temple (feet of Lord Vishnu)

3. Brahma Kapal at Badrinath i.e., Head of Lord Brahma

The city is the second largest city of Bihar and Situated on the banks of the Phalgu River. Every year during Pitri Paksh, Pind daan fair organised here. Thousands of Hindu people acroess India and other part od world come here and offered Pind Daan at the river bank of Falgu. Gaya is very well conteted with rail, bus and air.A sweet dish made from til, called Tilkut is very famous here. Tilkut is trademark of Gaya.

Must visit theses place at Gaya:-

Vishnupadh Temple


Brahmayoni hill



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