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Vaishali will decide Lalu Yadav’s political power

Vaishali will decide Lalu Yadav’s political power

Vaishali will decide Lalu Yadav’s political power, in third phase of Bihar assembly election on 28th Oct, 2015. Lau yadav’s son Tej Pratap and Tejsavi both contesting in this election from Mahua and Raghopur respectively. Lalu yadav not able to contest election due to convict in Chara scam. So this election also decide who will be Lalu successor.

In this phase voter will cast their vote for 50 assembly seats, but due to Lalu yadav’s both son contesting from Vaishali district, all focus on this district. With his both son, Lalu has a responsibility to win maximum seat in Vaishali district and also in third phase. From Mahagathbandhan RJD contesting 25 seats in this phase, JDU and congress contesting 18 and 7 respectively. RJD contesting maximum seat from Mahagathbandhan, so Lalu having much responsibility to win maximum seat in this phase.

Lalu Yadav Sons

As we talk about Raghopur, two chief minister represent this seat. Lalu yadav represent this seat from 1995 to 2000. In 2000 By-election and 2005 Rabri Devi won from this seat. But in 2010 Satish Kumar from JDU defeat Rabari Devi with margin of 13,006 votes. Satish Kumar got 64,222 votes and Rabri Devi got 51,216 votes. This time Satish Kumar contesting from BJP. Lalu announce in Raghopur, you give a MLA, I will develop this area.

As Tejpratap contesting from Mahua, Mahua is hot seat in this election. Before 2010 Mahua is reserved seat for SC. In 2010 election Ravindra Rai of JDU won this seat, but in this election Ravindra Rai contesting from Jitam Ram’s newly party HAM. For Tej Pratap Rabri doing hard work and doing more campaign for his son.

This election will decide Tej Pratap and Tejsavi‘s political carrier. Lalu want to win both Mahua and Raghopur seat to show his power is still alive in Bihar politics. NDA also want to win maximum seat. PM Modi addressed a rally on 25th Oct, 2015 at Hajipur in favors of NDA candidates.

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