| July 17, 2024

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Rail budget 2015-16: Bihar gets allocation of Rs 3171 crore

Rail budget 2015-16: Bihar gets allocation of Rs 3171 crore

Rail budget 2015-16: Bihar gets allocation of Rs 3171 crore. In last budget 2015-16, amount was Rs 2489 crore, this time increase of 29% from last budget. A new rail line of Vikramshila-Kataria which will have a rail bridge over river Ganga between Pirpainty-Naugachhia, both fall in Bhagalpur district. This would be the fourth railway bridge over river Ganga after rail-cum-road bridge of Rajendra setu (Mokama), Digha-Sonepur and Munger.

Talking to media at the Railway Officers’ Club, GM of ECR Mittal said, “The proposed rail budget has allocated Rs867 crore for new lines and Rs185 crore for doubling of tracks. A sum of Rs150 crore has been allocated for gauge conversion and Rs50.53 crore in the passenger amenities segment.”

New Projects:-

  • Rs. 1601 Crore for new line from Vikramshila to Katriya.
  • Rs.700 Crore for 787 KM rail track electrification.
  • Rs. 185 Crore for 245 KM for gauge conversion.
  • Rs. 51 for passenger amenities segment.
  • Rs. 39 Crore for traveling amenities segment.
  • New line for Sitamadhi to Jankpur via Bathnaha.
  • New bypass rail line from Gaya to Manpur.
  • New rail bridge, parallel to Rajendra setu(Mokama).

Amount for current projects:-

  • Rs. 75 Crore for Rajgir Tiliya and Natesar Islaampur rail line.
  • Rs. 176 Crore for Biharshrif Barbigga – Sekhpura rail line.
  • Rs. 100 Crore for Hajipur – Sugauli.
  • Rs. 20 Crore for Chapra – Muzaffarpur.
  • Rs. 70 Crore for Hajipur – Bachwara doubling of tracks.
  • Rs. 125 Crore for Gaya – Quil double doubling of tracks.

Electrification on following route

  • Ara – Sasaram
  • Darbhanga – Jainagar
  • Raxaul – Sitamarhi – Darbhanga – Samstipur
  • Kaptanganj – Thawe – Kataiya – Chapra Kacheri
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